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Laney Mead

heheh I would wear all of those!! LOVE the santas..

Loralee Kolton

I love them all, so adorable!! My kitties would totally steal those sparkle balls though! lol The Santas look vintage which I loveee and OMG I adore the llama sweater!! Lucky girl!!!!!

Susan Kennedy

I love your earrings - you used the puff balls too! And the ones with the sequins, WOW love them! AND the Christmas lights and the gelt was such a great idea! Thanks for hosting a fun hop!

Kari Asbury

Thanks Diana for a great hop! Kicked my butt to get the new blog going and such a fun start!


Thank you for hosting this fun hop! Your santas are perfect - so adorable, both of you!


I have to say, I'm not positive any of these are all that tacky. Wait. Maybe I'm the tacky one. Oh no! I think the addition of the pompoms on yours does give them a little of that tackiness. To me, tacky tends to be way over the top. These are all somewhat subtle. I totally understand why each of them would be considered tacky, but I still think each of the artists injected some of their (your) pure talent and beauty into each of them. This is such a fun idea and hop. I hate that I didn't have the time to participate, but I am getting some ideas in case you decide to do it again next year! :D

Ann Schroeder

I absolutely love all of these. Great idea for a hop!

Melissa Trudinger

What a great collection you all put together, love them all! But those flocked santas are rather spesh! Thanks for a fun hop!


I would so wear ALL of those.. So cute.

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